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The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Austria recently facilitated a video conference between the Global Export company and Austrian partners, with the discussions centering on the export of dried organic agricultural products from Uzbekistan to the Austrian market, paving the way for enhanced economic cooperation, Dunyo reports.

Dried fruits and nuts of Uzbekistan.
Source: Daryo

Growing Demand for Uzbek Products

Industry experts have noted a rising demand for Uzbek dried fruits and legumes in the European market, reflecting a growing appreciation for the quality and authenticity of Uzbek agricultural produce. Against this backdrop, Austrian partners expressed keen interest in establishing collaborative ties with Global Export to capitalize on the burgeoning market demand for organic products.

Austrian partners articulated their plans to procure a diverse range of dried organic products from Uzbekistan this year. The list includes sought-after items such as raisins, cherries, pomegranates, walnuts, almonds, apricots, and raspberries, highlighting the rich agricultural diversity of Uzbekistan and the potential for mutually beneficial trade exchanges.

During the virtual meeting, both parties deliberated on the specifics of an export contract, laying the groundwork for formalizing their collaboration. The discussions underscored a shared commitment to fostering long-term partnerships and ensuring the seamless flow of goods between Uzbekistan and Austria.

Global Export: A Trusted Exporter

Founded in 2017, Global Export has emerged as a leading economic entity in Uzbekistan, specializing in the export of products certified as organic to 45 countries worldwide, including 16 European nations. The company’s track record of reliability and adherence to stringent quality standards positions it as a trusted partner for international trade ventures.

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